Q: I can’t find my school / airfield / aircraft. Where are they?

A: We’ve loaded the system with a few hundred aircraft that we could tie to training organisations on the CAA’s list. However, there were quite a few cases where we either couldn’t find aircraft for a known organisation or couldn’t definitively establish which aerodromes they operated from. More than happy to add them if you drop us a line with the details. 


Q: Why is it sometimes slow?

A: As you can imagine, performance is right up there on our priority list. We have found that some types of wireless network introduce a delay in communications that is (so far) beyond our control. We’re working hard on this and hope to see on-going improvements. Try to ensure that your phone is in an area of good network coverage when you use the app and also bear in mind that real world controllers cannot always respond immediately.

Q: When I fly from my local aerodrome in real aircraft, we use different reporting points to those in AvA. How do I change them?

A: The platform includes a number of “standard” flights that we use in the lessons and at the moment the routes for these are fixed. If reporting “overhead Worthing” grates because you always report “overhead Steyning”, get in touch as we can probably make tweaks.

Q: My Instructor says I should always transmit “x” but this is not what AvA prompts. What should I do?

A: Always follow what your instructor says even if it directly contradicts the app.  Although we have worked from regulatory documents, there will no doubt be local circumstances where different procedures apply. Please let us know if this happens as we are dedicated to making AvA’s communications as realistic as they can be.

Q: What about support for helicopter phraseology?

A: It was very much our hope that we could support helicopters fully from the outset. Whilst most of the pieces work in our test labs, we didn’t feel that the overall offering was sufficiently robust to include in the product launch. Give us a little while to bed everything down and we’ll get to this. If you would like, you can leave your details and we’ll let you know when this is available. In the meantime, we’d recommend persisting with a fixed wing aircraft at your local aerodrome for now, as much of the syllabus overlaps.

Q: When I tap a check list, it says “Coming soon”. Why?

A: We loaded over 10,000 aircraft types into the system initially, all of which have their own check lists. Although the aspiration is to provide indicative check lists for the most common types, this will take time. Get in touch and let us know your aircraft type and we’ll endeavour to prioritise accordingly. Bear in mind that each training organisation can vary the manufacturer’s check list for their own purposes and if you can have this with you as you go through lessons, this is by far the best solution.

Q: I run a training organisation and am interested in buying in bulk. How do I do that?

A: Yes, this is something we can do. Please get in touch.