Giving student pilots the confidence to communicate

“I don’t usually recommend Apps, but I found AvA easy to use and it gives me the confidence to concentrate on my flying.”



Practise talking to our virtual air traffic controllers and learn to become fluent in standard aviation phraseology from the comfort of your own home


Use your visual, auditory and aural skills throughout our interactive training course so that your learning experience is simpler and more enjoyable


Fly from your home airfield and connect with your personal flight instructor so he/she can guide your progress for more targeted and cost-effective learning

The AvA Story

Around 80% of student pilots drop out of training. They love flying but battle with how much there is to learn. High on the list of dislikes is mastering the jargon of radio-telephony. We are a group of pilots, instructors and air traffic control experts who have joined forces with leading software developers in advanced linguistic and artificial intelligence to tackle this challenge. The result is AvA – the aviation audio learning App. 

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