AvA - Learn aviation communications the 21st century way

Install the App on your phone then set it up for you, your airfield and instructor. Follow the course, talking and listening to controllers. Choose exercises and build your skills to support your learning.


AvA has a set of courses following CAP413 guidelines that progress you, the trainee pilot, from simple booking out tasks through to complete cross-country flight communications through controlled airspace.

  • student-orientated
  • truly localised around your local aerodrome for recognisable, authentic dialogue
  • customised to your personal preferences and learning style
  • incorporates tests and feedback
  • compliments lessons and text books

Your virtual instructor will guide and challenge you through all your conversations with:

  • booking offices
  • aerodrome control, information and communications services
  • en-route controllers

All learning is realistic; you talk to your phone and the App responds. Repeat as often as you need – free from the stresses of live communications.

Use the exercise section to practise specific skills and dialogues such as:

  • Giving callsigns
  • Transmitting times, levels and pressure settings
  • Passing your message
  • Making emergency calls